Alanya Twin Towers Projects offered by Konak İnşaat, which is one of the priority preferences of many local and foreign real estate investors in Alanya, and Anex Home Real Estate company, with its years of experience in real estate sales, information and after-sales support, and expert staff structure, for you, valuable real estate investors!

Twin Towers projects are largely located in the clearest and most perfect locations, and this criterion is essential for all projects that have been built, are under construction or will be done.

While Alanya Konak Twin Towers projects are under construction, pre-feasibility is prepared, the needs of the investors who will be homeowners are determined, and while these processes are carried out, they offer you the highest quality workmanship, materials and luxury living spaces.

In addition to the two completed Twin Towers projects in Alanya, Alanya Konak Twin Towers 3 construction continues in the Alanya Cleopatra region. In addition, in Mahmutlar, one of the attraction centers of Alanya, the Alanya Twin Towers 4 project will start from the beginning of next year, and in the following periods, the Alanya Konak Twin Towers 5 project, whose land and project is ready, will be implemented in the Cleopatra region.